Progressivism in Antiwork: Reform or Revolution?

Many long-term contributors to r/antiwork have concerns that the community is becoming too liberal, too centrist, and too far removed from its anarchist and socialist roots. New members seem more interested in slight improvements to the current system rather than they are in tearing down the global capitalist system. To an extent, as a community […]

Companies giving a $50k bonus to all employees

The following Fortune 500 companies could give each of their employees a $50k bonus in 2021 and still make a healthy profit. The remaining profit they’d keep after awarding the bonuses is shown in parentheses. (Currency is USD.) Apple ($50.1 billion) Toyota Motor ($2.9 billion) Berkshire Hathaway ($24.5 billion) Saudi Aramco ($45.3 billion) Samsung Electronics […]

Jeff Bezos

If you earned $10,000 an hour, every hour, day and night, since the birth of Christ… You would still not be as rich as Jeff Bezos. Does Jeff Bezos work hard, take risks, and deserve to be paid more than an average Amazon worker? Sure. But does he work 600,000 times harder than an average […]